We stand for Equality, Dignity, Empathy, and Naturalism. Perfect balance between man, beast, and nature.

About us

EDEN was founded in January 2014. We are a non-profit, non-governmental, non-partisan organization formed by voluntary association of citizens to protect animals and the environment and promote sustainable development.

Mission and Vision

The mission of the Animal and Environment Protection Association ‘EQUALITY DIGNITY EMPATHY NATURALISM’ – Skopje is to raise public awareness about speciesism and environmental destruction and encourage citizens to embrace vegan lifestyle.

EDEN has a vision to completely eradicate the abuse and exploitation of animals and the environment in every part of everyday life. We aim to create a society where the integrity and dignity of animals and the environment will be equally respected and recognized by man, because we believe that non-violence towards animals and the environment leads to eradication of violence between people.

Brief introduction to what we do

Even though we are a young organization, our strength comes from our team of longtime dedicated and experienced animal rights and environmental activists, which enabled us – in this relatively short period of time – to organize quite a few events/protests, such as Fur Free Friday, Boycott Skopje ZOO, and co-organize the Big Protest against the mistreatment of stray dogs in Vardarište along with numerous animal rights organizations from Macedonia. We’ve started running a bilingual (English and Macedonian) vegan food blog with visitors and followers from all over the world. Also, we work intensively on the worldwide adoption of stray animals. Our most recent great success story was the adoption of a paralyzed stray dog, Wolfy, that lived with this handicap for a year in the streets of Kičevo, but for whom we found a happy and loving home in Berlin, Germany. Aware of our international reach, we do everything within our power to educate people through lectures, press releases, the social networks, and in face to face conversations.

We believe networking is a very important aspect of and contributes greatly to the success of each organization, and therefore we are partnering up with other related organizations in Macedonia, the region, and the world. We already have the support of the public and strongly believe that in the future our actions will touch many more people and we will be a few steps closer to attaining our vision – a society in which the integrity and dignity of the animals and the environment will be equally respected and praised by man, for the eradication of violence against the animals and the environment leads to the eradication of violence among humans.

Contact: eden.mk.org@gmail.com