Boycott Skopje ZOO

In March 2014 the media published a letter from a concerned citizen appalled by being a witness to a mother violently beating and stomping her baby inside one of the cages at Skopje ZOO. The ZOO employees, sharing a smoke and telling each other erotic jokes while watching the little baby monkey being tormented, informed him that this has been going on for a week and they hope that the baby will be lucky enough to pull through?!?

This baby monkey is the second victim of the Skopje ZOO in only three weeks’ time. The protest in front of the ZOO was not only a boycott of the unprofessionalism, incompetence, and complete indolence of the staff, but a boycott of zoos in general.

slide1Zoos are but prisons for animals, places that break the spirit and suck the life out of every living creature. And here’s why:

1. Many of the species roam territories of hundreds of kilometers in the wild – a criterion that not one zoo in the world meets.
2. Animals imprisoned in these facilities often show signs of neurotic behavior such as constant pacing, swaying their heads, and walking in small circles. Each form of repetitive behavior is a result of the immense anguish that these pour souls feel each second of each passing day.
3. Aside from being forced to live in a prison, they are forced to eat food that they would normally never eat, they are forced to mate with partners they would have never mated with in the wild.
4. Zoos are not places where children are educated about animals because in order for one to be educated about another living being they should observe it in their natural habitat, exhibiting its natural and normal behavior. Zoos exist for a sole filthy reason – profit, which is cunningly hidden under the veil of education and entertainment.

Are the few fleeting moments of distraction for visitors worth the lifetime of misery for animals? We say NO! And each conscientious and reasonable individual that understands the meaning of life and freedom will say NO!

You too should say NO and join us in saying Macedonia does not need a zoo!

The UN General Assembly recognized the need to protect wildlife and in this respect on 20 December 2013 at their Sixty-eighth Session they proclaimed 3 March a World Wildlife Day. Wildlife has a great role in the survival of the planet and belongs only in the wild where it is necessary for the existence of the ecosystems!

#boycottskopjezoo #banzoos #boycottzoos


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