Fur Free Friday 2013

krznoEDEN commemorated the International day of action against the fur trade—the last Friday of November, 29th November 2013—the so-called Fur-Free Friday, joining numerous organizations throughout the world in the struggle against one of the cruelest and most harmful industries. The motto of our event was “Fur Is for Cavewomen”. More images of the event and info material.

A number of European Union member states have banned fur farming. This includes: Great Britain,Austria, Croatia, and Slovenia. Fur farming is banned in the Republic of Macedonia, but the import and sales of this extremely environmentally unfriendly product are still allowed, unfortunately. This might seem like a positive step but, in fact,banning production while completely allowing import and sales cause the production industry to move to countries such as China, in which there are no animal welfare laws. The closest to the ideal, as far as the rights of animals abused for their fur are concerned, is Israel, where there is currently an initiative to ban not only production, but also import and sales of products made of natural fur. Should the motion be adopted, Israel would become the first country in the world to completely boycott this cruel and unnecessary industry. Closer to home, a country that has completely banned fur farming is Bosnia and Herzegovina,while in Croatia a complete ban of the industry is in the works. The answer to the question how come natural fur production in Croatia has turned from a leading industry branch into an industry that is slowly but surely to be banned by law is simple. Namely, it has been noted that overtime a large percentage of fur farm employees have developed various cancerous diseases, and that despite expensive filtration systems and great environmental protection measures, the water, the soil, and whole ecosystems in Croatia have suffered catastrophic consequences in favor of financial gain. It is fortunate that the citizens of this country woke up and did not allow the consequences to get even worse and the damage to become of such scope that is beyond any human control.

The results of many scientific studies by serious institutions throughout the world have shown that the fur production industry—on account of the releasing of various toxic substances such as chromium, aluminum, iron (to prevent the decomposition of the hides), as well as formaldehyde, carbon products, various oils and thinners (some of which contain cyanide)—is the greatest cause of environmental pollution and endangering human health. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta the population living in close proximity to such factories has exhibited five times the incidence rates of leukemia than the national average. The consequences to the environment and to human health are not the only reason this industry has become undesirable and banned in Croatia, as well as in numerous other countries worldwide. Fur is not the by-product of any other industry; the animals are purposefully hunted or excessively bred for this single goal—using their fur.In addition, the traps set by hunters oftentimes catch animals they were not intended for, and they die in vain of infection, pass days in agony ensnared in the steel traps, powerless to set themselves free, or, helpless and injured,become easy prey to predators. The carcasses of fur animals are unusable, so their disposal becomes an additional threat to the environment. Unimaginable horror takes place on fur farms, far from the eyes of the common man. The same fate awaits all animals‘living’ on these farms—drowning, suffocation, gas chambers, poisoning, anal and vaginal electrocution, broken necks, heads cracked open, beatings to death,skinning while they are still alive, such sadistic torture as we could not even imagine… The treatment, or better yet, the mistreatment, of the animals on these farms is beyond reason. We could rightfully say that the profile of the worker on such farms resembles the profile of a serial killer, a rapist, a psychopath. The human psyche is too fragile for the conscience to allow the witnessing of such atrocities and for them not to reflect on all aspect of these people’s lives. Namely, it is as clear as day that the tendency toward continual violence against animals always leads to violence against humans. It is impossible for a man who enjoys torturing and murdering innocent animals not to go after a human eventually.The fur industry is a textbook example of animal abuse of enormous proportion in the name of vanity, and all that neatly included in a so-called Animal Welfare Law. If we wish to create and develop a culture of non-violence, of cohabitation, of respect, we need to start with the root of the problem—and that is man’s relation to animals.

The second half of the last millennium was marked by the enslavement and the abuse of the black man. Women had no rights in society either. Awareness-raising groups and organizations did their thing and the public, generally, not only disapproves of the enslavement of children, women,and people of color but also harshly condemns it. Society overcame these dark spots in history and the shameful periods in its development. It is high time it made the final step—free animals and stop considering them as commodities,as objects to exploit for its own selfish needs.

Animals were put on this earth for the same reason man was—TO LIVE. The right to life is the same for all and if we really wish to live to see the day when all violence in the world ceases, one thought should constantly echo inside our heads—as long as animals are being killed, so will be humans.

If anyone of you has ever been in a desperate, dead-end situation in life and felt like a victim, it means that for a brief moment you have felt what these animals feel every day until they receive their final judgment. That is why we would like to invite you to join us in our fight for animal rights, in the fight for the fundamental right to life—to which we are entitled at birth.

With kindest regards,
EDEN Animal and Environmental Protection Association


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