Save Lake Ohrid CIA

ohridsosenOhrid SOS is a Citizen Initiative that started after the Public Discussion about a Draft report on strategic environmental assessment for amendments to the general urban plan for Ohrid 2014-2024 that took place on 16th of January 2015. According to this document prepared by the Civil Engineering Institute “Macedonia”, commissioned by the Municipality of Ohrid and approved by the Macedonian Ministry of Environment, in over 80% of the conclusions it is explicitly stated that any activity in UB 17.1 (Studenchishte Marsh) will directly and negatively affect the uniqueness of the whole ecosystem. This draft report also says that in terms of the intended amending of the UB 17.1, there is no measure that would reduce the harmful impact directly on Studenchishte Marsh and indirectly on the lake, except non implementation.

In layman’s terms, we started this Initiative when we first heard of the local government’s plans to urbanize the Studenchishte Marsh – a lush wetland with a unique ecosystem that serves as a natural filter to Lake Ohrid.

EDEN is one of the supporters and a partner since the beginning of the Citizen Initiative to Save Lake Ohrid from destructive urbanization. For more information please visit the OHRID SOS webpage and sign the International petition to Save the Oldest and Deepest lake in Europe.


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