Vegan 365 Kitchen

vegan365kitchenlogoOne of our goals is to promote a VEGAN lifestyle by reminding people how simple everyday choices can influence such big things as climate change.

It is scary to think that today’s biggest reason for global warming are factory farmed animals to satisfy a growing demand for meat and milk produce. The latest Chatam House research “Livestock – Climate Change’s Forgotten Sector: Global Public Opinion on Meat and Dairy Consumption” only proved the damage we are doing by consuming meat and dairy.

km_enWe realized that people are sometimes afraid to try something new, or think that vegan food is too difficult to make or too expensive to buy. Which is why we decided to open the Vegan365Kitchen blog where we all share our everyday vegan recipes in English and Macedonian. Please feel free to look through and steal a recipe or two, and make sure to tell us how you like it 😉



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