Wolfy: The Story of a Brave Dog

wolfyMeet Wolfy. Wolfy is an 18-month-old Šarplaninec (Šar Mountain Dog) Mix. He is a big boy now, but he had the great misfortune to be shot with an air gun when he was very young. His injury is older than a year, he has a pellet lodged in his spine and his both hind legs are paralyzed. This is it for him – he is going to have to live with this handicap for the rest of his life. People that live here in Macedonia are not that thoughtful and caring when it comes to animals. That is also the reason why Wolfy has been living like this for a whole year on the streets of Kičevo and no one tried to get him to the vet and help him back on his feet or adopt him. He gets the occasional piece of bread by the locals, but Wolfy is in great danger because he cannot move fast and he may be hurt again. He is a street dog, and we all know what street life means.

After a whole month of searching for a transport for Wolfy, two wonderful, noble girls longtime animal rights activists, went to Kičevo and drove him back to Skopje. Wolfy was taken to a vet right away, for a checkup and an X-ray. He has a pellet lodged in his spine. Somebody shot him with an air gun when he was still a baby and this is the reason he drags his hind legs. He is with his foster now, and his bath and second checkup are due next week.

6 March 2014
Wonderful news for Wolfy! He went to his second vet checkup yesterday and the vet said he might be able to regain some function in his hind legs. YAY!!! He got dewormed, his sores are getting better, and the vet prescribed oral antibiotics and ointments to expedite the healing process. He got his bath, hair and make-up and mani-pedi, he’s ready for the Oscars now :)) His foster takes great care of him ♥ He is so brave and so mild-tempered. His mom, Christina, is the luckiest woman alive :))

Great news everyone! Wolfy may be able to walk again! He tries to stand up on his own, which the vet says “is very promising”!!! At this moment he needs a walker (like the ones we use for babies), not a chair. He needs the walker so his foster can make him stand on his own for a few minutes a day. It will be a long time before any real effects can be seen, the vet says, but we are all hopeful! And we are sooooooooo happy for him! ♥

He doesn’t have to take any more antibiotics (for now), the sores are gone, except for one, but it’s also on its way to complete recovery. The ointment and dressing treatments will continue. In five days we are moving him to a new foster (a vet technician), since the present foster is travelling abroad.

25 March 2014
We took Wolfy to the vet for a mange/demodicosis test and the results came back negative. He’s successfully transferred to his new foster and the first round of PT has already started. Fingers crossed everyone!

4 June 2014
Wolfy is at his fourth and final vet checkup in Macedonia. He was chipped today and is on his way to Sofia. He’ll be staying at a vet clinic there until the 7 June, when his new mommy, Christina, will pick him up and take him to his new home in Berlin.

8 June 2014
Wolfy and his new mommy are already in their home in Berlin. Many trips to the vet and lots of PT are due in the next period. Let’s all wish Wolfy stand on his legs and move around without the use of a walking aid as soon as possible.
Wolfy, we wish you all the happiness in the world, you deserve it ♥ ♥ ♥

Thanks to Marija for taking the first ever photo of Wolfy. To Mirjana for spreading the message so his story would get to us. To Dimitar for finding the first foster and for doing everything in his power to help Wolfy (from transport to wound dressings). To Silvana and Mirjana for bringing him from Kičevo to Skopje and getting him to the vet for his first x-ray and check-up. To Vladimir for being the most wonderful foster and for doing everything he could to help Wolfy get better. To Dragan for always being here to transport Wolfy to the vet. To Daniela who agreed to take care of Wolfy until we arranged everything for his trip, he wouldn’t look like this today if it hadn’t been for her TLC 🙂 To all the vets that helped Wolfy in one way or another. Special thanks to Elaine and Una for being the greatest support ever and for being here for Wolfy every single step of the way. Enormous thank you to all who donated from abroad (and were so kind to re-donate the funds because PayPal gave us a really hard time): Margaret, Tom, Elena, Julie, Sharon, Karina, Lisa, Chantal, Danielle, Mari, Iulian, Ann Marie, Melissa, Linda, Erika, Franz, Tanya, and Fiona; and also to our local donors. Thanks to all those that shared his story and helped us get to more donations, this would not be possible without the funds we raised. Thanks to Evgeny and Niki and their fantastic transportation company Smart-express that took Wolfy to Sofia. Ultimately a heartfelt thank you to Wolfy’s new mom, Christina who is the luckiest woman for being blessed with such a noble new member of her family. Thank you for opening your home and your heart to him and for giving him the second chance he needs and deserves so much. Wolfy’s story finally has the storybook ending! ♥ ♥ ♥


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